Innovations and bright ideas take work. Outsourcing this work, and letting younger minds get valuable experience not only lightens the workload of innovators, but gives the next generation a headstart on learning valuable lifelong skills. Affordable student housing is just a nifty side effect of this model.

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Students take a long time to find out where they best fit into the labor market, especially in one as rapidly changing as todays. However, data can save the day! By having students who work on the project store data related to their contributions, experiences, and difficulties with different kinds of project-related work, they can make connections and learn more about their work style, and how they best fit in the workplace. In the future, they could even sell this data to companies interested in adding them to the team! This data is absolutely owned and controlled by the students, with no “back-door access” or secret copies owned by Hours for Housing. The data is free for them to use and manipulate if they wish, or for them to delete. In short, students learn about how data can be used to improve their lives, as well as its potential value to the outside world.