Helping Students find Housing:

Hours for Housing is a non-profit online start-up dedicated to helping bright and creative students find housing and educational opportunities to develop their careers.

Finding a place to live for university can be hard. with international students finding a house on average after 4.7 months of searching in the Netherlands, it can be a real pain just to find a place to settle down- and that’s BEFORE the studies begin. But what if students could use their research skills to help pay for their accomodation?

Each higher education institute in the Netherlands organizes housing for 53% of all incoming students each year on average, resulting in substantial resources being devoted towards the accommodation of students. By relying on a network of hosts who want to see unique ideas succeed, Hours for Housing could potentially cut university costs and student waiting times by a substantial percentage and make the whole housing process more flexible and time saving for the students and/or professionals. We have already secured funding for numerous innovations, and are currently in contact with numerous foundations for additional financial support.

Unlocking Student Potential

We believe that students and potential they represent matter deeply. By funding the housing of students to work on innovative new projects we can bring students together and help them develop the skills of the future, which include “soft” skills such as teamwork, and the ability to learn and adapt quickly. If we can find more ways to accommodate students and have them work productively on projects like this, university rankings will go up, study association membership (who can sponsor the students) will rise, loneliness and rates of mental health will fall, and the innovations that students create will add value to society. Some companies try to match businesses to teams of students for a flat fee. Our business model is different, in that we contract outward with hosts who are amenable to housing students (similar to AirBnB), provide clear project goals and ideas based on input from the associations, the government, and the students, and simply have them work for a certain number of hours, with accountability via online management applications. Let us know if you want to join the team by clicking here, or send us a message down below.